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Being a tour guide in this amazing country is one heck of an awesome job! I get to take people into nature to experience incredible beauty all the time, and honestly I never get bored of seeing the same landscapes, how could you!? What makes it even more rewarding is having the time to volunteer and give back to this environment by being involved with eco-initiatives such as Trash Bags on Tour.

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"What is Trash Bags on Tour?" You may ask... This is an Eco-Tourism project set up by two of my colleagues Melissa Tuliranta and Kathryn Farrell in which people who want to 'be the change' are given the chance to book tours which visit popular destinations and actively make a difference, by either cleaning or contributing to the local environment in a positive EcoFriendly way. Often this is a beach clean but other projects have included litter sweeps of the Grampians National Park and planting trees to sustain Koala habitats in the You Yangs Regional Park.

This Saturday the 26th of October 2019 will be my second time volunteer guiding for Trash Bags and I am so excited to be heading to the magnificent Phillip Island, where we will be conducting a beach clean on none-other than the Summerlands beach, which the main colony of Little Penguins from the Phillip Island Penguin Parade waddle up every night! The Penguin Parade is one of my absolute favourite tours to guide, you see so much nature and wildlife packed into one day on Phillip Island, (yes I do usually attempt a David Attenbourgh impression while guiding), and to be able to directly give back to this area and clean the beach I have visited so often as a spectator has almost left me "#fangirling" a bit at the prospect.

This tour will also include entry to the Penguin Parade, Zero Waste discussion, the WWF Antarctic Journey experience and a visit to the beautiful Koala Conservation Center, as well as Lizzie as your tour guide! If you would like to join tickets are $99 for an Adult and $85 for a child, and can be purchased Here

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