Green Guide meets Australian Bus Charters

Having the opportunity to take so many happy people on fun adventures around the Victorian countryside has been incredible! Over the last year and a half Green Guide Explorer has had guests from all over the world and of course Aussies keen to explore more of their own backyards, enjoy the fun filled 'Wine, Cider and Local Produce Tour'.

I have also created valued connections with local farmers and businesses who never cease to amaze with their hard work and dedication to fantastic produce!

Every single tour has been a blast and I am so pleased that this idea has really hit the spot and taken off! The public tour which has been running every weekend, while heaps of fun, was not making the numbers for me to continue on in this model, and so Green Guide Explorer has moved to a private group based set up.

Green Guide Explorer has teamed up with Australian Bus Charters to continue to provide these experiences, This means that the knowledge, connections and resources gained can continue to be utilised and most importantly fantastic and fun days out are still being had! To get a quote for a private group tour catering for any number of people, get in touch here.

Cheers to more exploring this summer!

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